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Welcome to Scheuermann's Disease Australia! My name is Richard, after living with the condition from as early as 9 years of age and not diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease until 2015 when I was 31 years old and then with Osteoarthritis in my thoracic spine in 2018, I am highly aware of the need for a place, a body and a voice to advocate for others like me with this rare genetic spinal disease!

It is the mission of Scheuermann's Disease Australia to increase awareness within the community and throughout the medical and governmental organisations in this country. Ensure that early detection methods and educational programs are put in place for doctors and for school teachers to aid in the early detection of the disease or other spinal concerns.

And further, for the people who were not diagnosed until later in life, tolerance, understanding, research into the disease pathways/ subsequent diseases that are likely to effect the person living with Scheuermann's Disease. We would aim for awareness in the medical field, and governing bodies to recognise Scheuermann's Disease as a disability that a person lives with for the remainder of their lives, not one that simply disappears in adulthood.

We aim for ground breaking future research to be conducted on both developing Scheuermann's Disease, and adulthood disease processes.

We aim and pray to help as many people and their families who are suffering due to this relatively unknown Disease in any way we can.

With the creation of a National Database of Scheuermann's Disease friendly doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and other members of the medical profession, we hope for the early diagnosis and treatment to be taken seriously and for new methods and treatments to be created through our efforts to bring awareness of Scheuermann's Disease here in Australia.

Thank you.

Richard William Kerr-RaiƄski. :)